CDM are making a sleeping giant wooden head as a playground feature.

Here you can see the CNC casting mould being prepped for shotcrete, the mould was generated from clients supplied artwork.

2.4 cubes was sprayed into the mould by WA shotcrete.

A fantastic ongoing relationship with their entire team meant that spraying the mould inside the studio was not a drama.

Their coordination with Boral meant the custom batched order with additional fibres turned up on the dot (admittedly Boral........are only one block away).

After 4 days the mould will be turned and the mould striped, after cleaning the surface a spray render will be applied and sculpted to look like wooden panel/strips of wood.

Builder: PHASE3 Landscape Construction

Concept and Design: EPCAD Landscape Architects

Contract Administration: Plan E

Bushmead Park Leeuwin Gardens