During March of 2018 CDM:Studio were nominated by EPCAD and engaged by Environmental Industries to build and install play elements for the City of Rockingham's Secret Harbour Inclusive Playspace.

Elements included the spraying of the limestone texture onto an existing concrete structure for the underwater cave area that allowed for externally provided slide, seaweed ropes and a whirlpool net for the kids to climb from inside the cave to the top of the cave.  

As well as a 16 meter climbable octopus where CDM:Studio liaised with industrial foam sprayers and shotcrete services to sculpt the understructure matching the architects concepts which that allowed for the 850m2 rubber softball.

CDM: Studio also produced and delivered some cast concrete stingrays and fish that were inlaid into the many paths across the playground.

Landscape Architect: EPCAD

Client: Environmental Industries

Council: City of Rockingham